Amusse is the brainchild of Vivien, a passionate and driven individual who discovered her love for handmade products while studying for her Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising at Temasek Polytechnic. It was during this time that she picked up sewing as one of her core modules and was instantly captivated by the process of creating something beautiful from scratch.

Vivien's journey to becoming the owner of Amusse wasn't easy. Coming from a family that wasn't well-off, she faced numerous challenges and obstacles along the way. As a slow learner, she struggled to keep up with her classmates and found that the classes didn't provide enough time to complete her assignments. But she refused to give up on her dreams.

With sheer determination and grit, Vivien asked her mum to purchase a basic sewing machine so that she could practice and work overnight on her assignments to meet deadlines. And during school holidays, she used her hard-earned pocket money to buy fabrics and create tote bags to sell, determined to earn enough to cover the cost of her sewing machine and pursue her passion for handmade products.

From those humble beginnings, Vivien's passion for creating handmade products only grew stronger. She poured her heart and soul into perfecting her craft, and her dedication and hard work have paid off. Today, she's the proud owner of Amusse, a small one-person brand that specializes in curating artisanal handmade products. Vivien firmly believes in the power of handmade products to bring joy, beauty, and inspiration to people's lives, and she's committed to providing her customers with the highest quality and most unique handmade products possible.

When you support Amusse, you're not only getting a beautifully crafted handmade product, but you're also supporting a dream that was once just a spark of passion in Vivien's heart. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope that our handmade products bring as much joy and inspiration to your life as they do to ours.